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Complimentary Online Shamanic Transformation and Empowerment Gathering

April 23, 2017 @ 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

- Free

So let me ask you this…How’s life?

If the answer is anything short of amazingly fantastic then YOU are holding yourself back.  You mau not even realize it as those negative emotions such as fear, depression, laziness, anxiety, lack mentality or guilt, to name a few, could exist so deep in your subconscious mind that you just think you have “bad luck.”

Well let me explain to you that there is no such thing as luck. Did Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Oprah or Michael Jordan get lucky?  No, they set their minds to a life they wanted and stopped at nothing to get there.  And it isn’t even all about an abundance of money.  It’s about an abundance of love, of amazing relationships, of beauty in every area of your life.

So how are you any different than them?  YOU ARE NOT!   But the real question is are you aligned like them? Do you have a mindset of success and abundance in all areas of your life?  I’m going to assume you are just not quite there yet.

Through this Shamanic Transformation and Empowerment Gathering, we will take a 2 step approach to remove some of those things that have been prohibiting you from having the amazing life you desire.

Using Hypnosis, we will also go deep within your subconscious so you can let go of all that no longer serves you and plant seeds for everything you want to manifest.

Using tuning forks, we will be giving some of your chakras a much needed reboot.  If you are unfamiliar with chakras, here is a link explaining them.  http://www.chopra.com/articles/what-is-a-chakra#sm.0000cg4tkv6g8di4yox1hfzi9175d

What do you have to lose?  Are you tired of dragging your feet through life accepting what is?  Well then please feel free to attend this online gathering and start the process of Transformation and Empowerment.


April 23, 2017
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm




Shaman Greg Prasker, Transformation & Empowerment Coach